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About Us


Large Play Areas Indoor and Outdoor

Our facility is staffed by professional, well trained canine experts. We offer indoor and outdoor play areas that enable dogs to play and socialize in a safe controlled environment. Whether you have an active puppy or a senior dog, our facility has something for every dog.


We make small play groups everyday to match your dogs size, energy, and age so that they can enjoy their play time and play safely. We have outdoor yards that are equipped with dog ramps and toys so your pup can have fun in the sun. Our indoor yards are set up with dog toys and ramps with controlled climate for the days that may be to hot or to cold for your pup to be out in the elements. 

Boarding and Daycare

Whether you are boarding your dog, or dropping them off for a day of fun, your dog has comfortable accommodations in our custom designed doggy dens or suites for their resting time. All dogs sleep inside during the night or during their resting period throughout the day in a temperature controlled environment. Our climate-controlled facility keeps dog cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Our indoor/outdoor play areas give your dogs the opportunity to play regardless of the weather so that they can have a fun time during their stay.  

Continuous Supervision and Cleanliness

Our goal is for our guests to have a fun, positive experience EVERY TIME they stay with us. Our dog-loving staff are trained to read dog signals and body language. That means they understand what your pup is saying and this keeps a safe, fun experience for your dog.

We keep the play yards in small groups to ensure a safe place for your dog to play and get the special attention your pup needs. We have staff on the property, during the day and night, for safety and security for when your pup stays over night. Keeping a clean, sanitized environment for your dog's health is one of our top priorities. We take your dog's health seriously. We only use the best products to clean the sleeping areas, indoor yards, and outdoor yards twice daily to ensure a clean environment for your dog. 

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