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Two French Bulldogs

The Doggy Den Information and FAQ Sheet

Daycare Hours of Operation: (Overnight Guests Cannot Be Dropped Off Until 8:00 am):

Monday-Friday - 7:00 am - 6:45 pm

Saturday and Sunday – 8:00 am – 5:45 pm

Overnight Boarding Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday - 8:00 am - 6:45 pm

Saturday and Sunday – 8:00 am – 5:45 pm

Early overnight drop off is available for an extra $32 charge from 7:00 am - 8:00 am on the weekdays.

You must let the resort know you would like to have an early check-in and you must come within your 10-minute scheduled window or else you will be required to wait until opening time.

Required Vaccinations

All vaccinations can be provided digitally or physically. Vaccines need an expiration date stated on the vaccine records to be valid. We only accept vaccines from a vet office.

Puppies must meet the age requirement of 12 weeks or older and must have the 3 vaccines we require.

Required Vaccinations (administered by a veterinarian required):  Rabies, DAPP, Bordetella

Currently, The Doggy Den is not requiring dogs to be vaccinated with the canine influenza vaccine. We do, however, encourage you to talk to your veterinarian about canine influenza and if it is appropriate depending on your dog's lifestyle.


Senior and Special Needs Guests

Guests that are not accepted:

- Pregnant or lactating.

-Unaltered females in heat. If they had a heat cycle, they cannot return to day camp until they have been 2 weeks post heat. 

-Any dog that shows any human aggression.

-Guests unable to walk or stand without assistance.

-Any dog over 11 years old. If your dog is 10-12 years old, please contact us prior to booking.              


 Are reservations required or are walk-ins accepted? Reservations are not required for day camp; but are required for overnight boarding. If you need a last-minute reservation, please call or email to see if we have any openings.

  If my dog is not spayed or neutered, are they still able to come? Unaltered pups are always welcome! Unaltered pups can play with other pups up until six months. Once they have reached 6 months you must remind us that they are unaltered upon check in for every visit so that we do not let them play with other unaltered dogs of a different sex.

  Is anyone here overnight? There is someone here overnight in case of emergencies. They do not walk around and check on the dogs during the night because we are not a 24-hour care facility.

  If my dog has a health or behavior issue, will I be contacted? Our staff is trained to recognize any health or behavior issues. We do our very best to monitor each dog for issues. However, sometimes because of fur or other reasons, we may not see issues. If we see that a pup has an issue, we will discuss with the manager on duty, then the manager will contact you and discuss further options as needed.

  What if my dog gets injured during their stay? Dogs that are compatible with other dogs are allowed to play with other dogs during the day. Dogs play rough and occasionally injures do occur. We do our very best to minimize all injuries. However, dogs are fast and sometimes injuries occur. Each owner assumes the financial risk of injury for their pup if they wish them to stay at The Doggy Den. If we see that your dog has an injury (sometimes we do not always see an injury even though we do our best to assess each dog), we will call or email you and let you make the decision on the next step of care for your pup.

What do I need to bring for my dogs stay?

  Please bring all food prebagged per meal in zip lock bags. We do not return unused food or bags.

We cannot take personal items as they tend to get confused when our professional cleaning crew picks up all bedding each day to launder.

Please bring all required medication, but just enough for your pup’s stay.


Post Stay FAQ

Worn out pup?

  This is a symptom that concerns many owners but is actually fairly common. Your pup is in a busy environment and kept entertained with all the new sights, smells, and fun. More than likely, your pup will need to sleep a bit more due to all the good times that they had.

Tummy Troubles?

  Some pups may experience diarrhea after returning home. Many owners are concerned that this means their dog has picked up a stomach bug while visiting. However, this is unlikely. In fact, a little diarrhea in the first 48 hours after returning home is very normal and often due to the excitement that your dog feels about being back in a familiar environment. If diarrhea persists more than 48 hours, or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as not drinking or eating, we advise making an appointment with your veterinarian.


All medications must be in original prescription bottle, please only bring the exact amount that the pup will need for their stay.

Meet the Team Day

Pups who are first timers with The Doggy Den are offered a complimentary day of day camp to meet the Team! This is a chance for your pet to experience a taste of The Doggy Den and for us to get to know them, too for free! As we get to know your pup, we'll be able to tell you if they would be ready to play with others or would require individual care.

Daycare Prices:

-Full Day for compatible dogs (more than 4 hours a day): $32 per day

-Half Day for compatible dogs (4 hours or less a day): $22 per day

-Daycare Package (5 Full Days, that can be used whenever you wish as theydo not expire, or can be divided into ½ days): $134

Boarding Pricing:

 -Standard Kennel:

         If By Credit Card: $65/night for 1st pup; $50/night for 2nd pup; $45/night for 3rd pup. We offer a $5/night discount on each of the above prices, if paid by cash, check, Zelle or Venmo.*

 -Suites: If Paid By Credit Card 1st pup is $95/night; and $80/night for each additional pup in same suite. We offer a $5/night discount on each of the above prices, if paid by cash, check, Zelle or Venmo.*

 -30 Night Package Standard Kennel: If Paid By Cash, Check, Zelle, Or Venmo: $1500. If Paid By Credit Card: $1,650 (Nightly credits do not expire and can be used anytime) *

*If you pick up or drop off between 6:45-7:00 pm on weekdays and between 5:45-6:00 pm on weekends there is an extra $30 charge.


Deposit Information:

  The Doggy Den requires a 2 night non-refundable deposit on all reservations made during non-Holiday Dates. If you cancel 72 hours prior to your non-Holiday Dates reservation, you will receive the two night credit toward a future stay. If you pick your dog up on a day earlier than scheduled, no refunds will be given. We plan daily staffing and reservations based upon your reservation. Therefore, no refunds or credits are provided should you chose to pick up early. 


The Doggy Den requires a full non-refundable deposit on all reservations made over Holiday Dates. No refunds are given for reservations made during the Holiday Dates listed below.

Holiday Dates:

(2 Night Minimum Stay Required. Reservations made for the following dates are completely non-refundable.)

  • Easter Holiday: April 1st - April 15th

  • Memorial Day Holiday: May 26th — May 31st

  • July 4th Holiday: June 29th — July 9th

  • Labor Day Holiday: September 1st - September 6th

  • Thanksgiving Holiday: November 15th - November 27th

  • Christmas/New Year's: December 15th - January 5th   



Super Hungry or Thirsty?

  Has your pet come home acting like he/she hasn't been fed? Rest assured; they most certainly have! Dogs naturally eat and/or drink less while they are in a new environment. As a result, they tend to drink more and catch up on their calories when they get home. Appetites should go back to normal quickly.

Worried about Canine Kennel Cough?

  Even though The Doggy Den requires the Bordetella vaccine, kennel cough is a very common infection of the respiratory system and will affect most dogs at least once in their lifetime. It is very easily spread amongst dogs, particularly when they are in close proximity to one another, even when vaccinated.


Newbury Park, CA 91320

PHONE: (805) 444-0016














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