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Existing Client Reservation

Kennel Boarding

5x5 Kennels. Beds and Blankets provided.

1st Dog - $75/Night

Each Additional Dog-$65/Night

30 Night Package: $1,950**

We Offer $5/Night Discount If Paid By Cash, Check, Zelle. Please Indicate By Your Dog's Name That You'd Like to Pay The 2 Night Deposit By Zelle And We Will Send You The Code. 

**Packages Expire 1 Year From Date Of Purchase

Suite Boarding

Private room with twin size bed and toys.

1st Dog - $105/Night

Each additional Dog - $90/Night

We Offer $5/Night Discount If Paid By Cash, Check, Zelle. Please Indicate By Your Dog's Name That You'd Like to Pay The 2 Night Deposit By Zelle And We Will Send You The Code. 


Play time for your dog for the day.

Full day - $42 per dog

Half Day (up to 5 hours)- $32 

10 Full Day Package: $378 (Which Is 1 Free Full Day)**

10 Half Day Package: $288 (Which Is 1 Free Half Day)**

20 Full Day Package: $714 (which Is 3 Free Full Days)**

20 Half Day Package: $544 (which Is 3 Free Half Days)

**Full Day Packages Cannot Be Used As Half Days And Packages Expire 90 Days From Date Of Purchase


Have your dog bathed and blow-dry upon pickup.

Starting at $57 per dog.

Requires pick up after 3 pm.

All pups staying 2 nights or more will be charged a $27 bath fee to ensure your pup goes home fresh and clean

Kong Toy

Add a kong toy rental to your dog's stay. We can fill it with peanut butter and/or treats to keep him/her entertained throughout their stay.

Kong Toy- $12

Special Requests

Any special requests for your pup during their stay will start at a fee of $22  a day

and may go up

depending on the request.


If you drop off your pup on a day later than when you originally booked (or during holidays you extend their stay without prior approval), you will still be required to pay for the previous days you originally booked for and the days extending. If you overstay your original reservation on holiday dates, without prior approval, a $100 fee per night per dog will be added because

we plan our capacity based upon reservations.. 

If you bring your pup for daycare and they end up boarding, you are required to pay the boarding fee and daycare fee for their stay.


New Year's Day, Easter Day, 4TH of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

We Close Early For Drop Offs And Pick Ups @ 3 PM On:

New Year's Eve (December 31st) , July 3rd, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve (December 24th)

For any stays 2 nights or more, a $27 bathing fee will be added to their stay to ensure your pup goes home fresh and clean from their vacation at the Doggy Den

All photos of the pups are uploaded to our instagram during their stay. Any additional requests for photos will be a $22 charge per request.

You are held liable for any damages your dog may do during their stay. The damage fee starts at $52 and can go up depending on the cost of repairs.

                                     We do not return unused food or bags.

  Please bring all required medication, in its original bottle, just enough for your pup’s stay. We do not take personal bags for food or tubs for food, bedding toys, etc.

                                     Please make sure everything is disposable.

All Holidays require a minimum of a 2 night stay. Holidays include, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.



Fill Out all Info For Reserving A Spot 

Or Email (ANN@DOGGYDENBOARDING.COM) or Text (805-444-0016) Your Reservation

Please bring your dogs food for their stay. Pack their food individually by meal.

We do not take any of your dogs toys, beds, blankets, or food bowls. We provide all items for their stay.

Pets Info

Pet Boarding Info

Credit Card Info For Reservation:

We take a 2 night (1 night if only staying 1 night) non-refundable deposit upon booking your dog's stay since we only take a limited amount of dogs each night and we turn other clients away based upon your reservation. If you email and cancel your reservation at least 72 hours before your scheduled stay, you will receive the amount already paid in credit towards future stays, provided your reservation does not include the dates listed below.  If at least 72 hours notice of cancellation is not given, then no credit will be issued. No refunds or credits will be provided for dogs picked up early. Any reservations made for the following dates are completely NON-REFUNDABLE, we take a FULL STAY DEPOSIT, and refunds or credits will NOT be issued if cancelled or if your dog is picked up early: April 1st-April 15th, May 26th-May 31st, June 14th-July 14th, September 1st-September 6th, November 15th-November 27th, December 15th-January 5th.

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